Press Clipping

Music in Africa - Call for support: COVID-19 fund for African touring musicians

Radio Cosmo - WDR

Music in Africa - Ghana: Fra! drops Africa Rise in support of Soulidarity campaign

Tagblatt St. Gallen

Newsbreak - “Soulidarity” Is Raising Money For African Musicians - “Soulidarity” Is Raising Money For African Musicians - Soulidarity is raising money for african musicians - #Soulidarity: Spenden für Musiker*innen des afrikanischen Kontinents

OFA - Soulidarity COVID-19 fund for African Musicians

Calabash! - The African Music Guide.

Aidu.Tv - Introducing Soulidarity

Kulturen in Bewegung


ARD Audiothek - BR Klassik aktuell: Gespräch mit Stefanie Schumann von #soulidarity

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